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Rapid Absorption Electrolyte Paste

Finish Line®’s Electrocharge is a concentrated blend of electrolytes and trace mineral salts that helps promote healthy hydration in your horse. This is a fast-acting oral electrolyte. One oral syringe contains two (2) doses of formula that replaces electrolytes in the same proportion as the horse loses in sweat. Great for 3-Day Eventing, Endurance, Racing, Barrel Racing, or any Equine Sport.

Available size

60 cc syringe, 2 servings

Finish Line Stretch Run

NEW product to promote healthy energy!

Pre-race, pre-event natural health product, to help maintain healthy metabolic energy functions in the horse. For performance horses engaged in racing or other strenuous activity. 

Directions for use: Give the full contents of the syringe by mouth, approximately 2 hours before a stressful event. 

Note: Observe all pre-race/event regulations. Consult your veterinarian before using. 

Available sizes

2 fl. oz. oral syringe, 1 dose