Hay Chix Repair Pieces

  • $8.50

HayChix repair twine

Looking for some mighty fine twine? We've got it... in fact a whole quarter of a pound of it! #36 Repair Twine ships rolled on a cardboard spool for easy use. This twine is durable, perfect for repairs around the home and farm.

Note: This will hold up better than the bailing twine and ziptie fixing

HayChix oval safety snap

Oh Snap! – The Oval Snap is a solid choice for a great (and quick) carabiner-style steel clip. Snap measures 4" x 2".

Safety Notice: All clips and snaps can present a danger. Always remove the snap from your net if you are not using it to hang from. If you are hanging at a lower level where an animal can come in contact with the clip, place a piece of tape around the opening to prevent an animal from getting the clip open.The Oval Snap is not designed for climbing... it's designed for your hay net.

Our custom-designed hardware pack for use with the Hay Chix® Free-Up Feeder.

HayChix free up feeder hardware packet

The Quick Latch and yokes are made of zinc-plated steel, making them durable for all weather conditions. Heat-treated screws require a T25 star bit and are compatible for use with treated lumber.

What's included:

  • NEW Hay Chix Quick Latch (1)
  • Yoke (3)
  • 8 heavy duty screws

HayChix Quick Latch

Hay Chix® NEW custom-designed Quick Latch! Use with your Hay Chix® Free Up Feeder or anything else you can dream of!

Comes with 2 Heavy Duty screws (Heat-treated screws require a T25 star bit and are compatible for use with treated lumber.)

Replacement Rope/ Hoggle 

Looking to upgrade your existing rope, color code your hay nets or just want an extra? A Replacement Rope is just what you need. All Replacement Ropes ship with our patent-pending HOGGLE attached. *color will vary