Immediate Response

  • $29.99

Designed for Immediate Response to symptoms of:

  • Scours, gut ache, and treatment of diarrhea
  • Exposure to moldy hay or forage
  • Stressors such as hauling, temperature, confined spaces, and physical trauma
  • First Aid during colic episodes prior to professional diagnosis and treatment

A great addition to any trailer First Aid kit. Don’t hit the road without it!

Available in 80cc tubes. (1-4 doses)

Guaranteed Analysis (per 10 ml):

Vitamin B2 1 mg
Pantothenic acid 10.5 mg
Vitamin B6 2.5 mg
Aspergillus oryzae 1.3x105CFU
Bacillus subtilus 3.8x105CFU
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 3.4x106CFU
Mixed lactic acid bacteria 1.3x107CFU